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    When a i make a change (alter table )in any table used in my applications i get the follow error :

    java.sql.SQLException: Table (informix.tablename) has been dropped, altered or renamed.

    I am using prepardstatements using a connection pool created in WebLogic 6.1.. I am feeling like prepardstatements are being cached. As when I start the WebLogic server again . problem goes away. Any Idea whats going on ?? Thanks in Advance


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    This is certainly a weblogic problem.
    I have a feeling that when you start weblogic it will read the database structure. If you alter a table, your weblogic sees the difference and raises an exception.
    That's why the problem goes away if you restart.
    Check your weblogic docs. There might be a setting that allows you to execute DDL without raising exceptions

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