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Thread: DB_File help

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    Unanswered: DB_File help

    Am say the least
    I am tring to install this DM_File, but not having much luck. All i know is the ppm install thingy (am brand new to perl, and having a hard time)
    When i d/l it, it had no ppm file, but its got files like dll, bs, exp, lib ect
    Does anybody know how i can install this.
    Thanks ppl

    perl v5.6.1 built for MSWin32-x86-muilt-thread
    O/S Win 98SE

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    I've downloaded the ppd from a cpan website and modfied it

    this is my version for DB_File.ppd:
    <SOFTPKG NAME="DB_File" VERSION="1,75,0,0">
    <ABSTRACT />
    <AUTHOR />
    <OS NAME="MSWin32" />
    <ARCHITECTURE NAME="MSWin32-x86-multi-thread" />
    <CODEBASE HREF="DB_File.tar.gz" />

    now get this DB_File.tar.gz from web and start install in ppm mit install DB_File.ppd

    works for me ...

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    need help

    where do i put the files that i download? it keeps telling me that it cant find a ppm file for DB_file

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