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    Question Unanswered: Why would this happen?

    I have a form and a subform both displayed in the same window and both are created using different table but have a one to many relationship.

    The user enters info into two fields (field1 and field2) on the main form. On the subform there are 2 check boxes. If the user clicks in checkbox1 an unbound field (unbnd1) next to the check box is updated with the contents of field1 and the same goes for checkbox2, if checked, an unbound field (unbnd2) is updated with the contents of field2.

    What I don't understand is why when I go to the next record, the contents of the unbound fields (unbnd1 and unbnd2) are holding the same value for all records and does not change to the value of field1 and field2 for that record.

    Can anyone help???

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    They retain the value as they are not requeried like the balance of the fields in the subform.

    Requery the unbound text boxes, as I suspect they should update according to the check boxes, in the current event of the master form.


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