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    Question Unanswered: DB2 error SQL 1043C


    I have a problem with DB2.
    I have made a new installation of DB2 V 7.2 up an AIX server (6000)
    All is OK and the instance was created but when I try to create a databse I receive always the same message :

    SQL1043C The database manager could not initialize the system catalogs.
    Error "<error>" was returned.

    Explanation: The CREATE DATABASE command failed while initializing the
    system catalogs.

    Please Help ME


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    I found this on the IBM site. Maybe it helps?

    Create database failed with error SQL1043C

    Applicable version(s): Version 6
    Applicable platform(s): HP-UX
    Abstract: Receiving an error SQL1043C when creating a database.

    Can not create a database after installing the DB2 V6.1. An error SQL1043C is occurred when creating a database.

    Possible cause
    The database is created under the home directory by default. However the home directory is full.

    Need to either create more space for the home directory or create the database on another path where the directory is own by the instance owner and with read and write (rwxrwsr-x ) permission to the directory. Then create database in this directory.

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    Thank you,

    It was the problem. I have set the database on an other directory (up AIX) and it works.


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