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    Red face Unanswered: Transaction log full

    I have a problem with transaction log. on SQL 7 server we are getting 'transaction log full' error message. The log is set for unlimited growth, current size is 2.8 GB, hard drive has 3 GB free space, still log is not growing.

    Any idea ?

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    What is your file system FAT32 or NTFS ???

    if it is FAT then there is a limitation to what the file size can be. So even if you have free space it wont grow beyond that point.

    so either convert your file system to NTFS or truncate the log .


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    I had the same problem in sql Server 2000. what matters is if you make a lot of opperations on your database, if the log file can grow fast and become verry big fast. For example when i executed "dbcc dbreindex" in all my tables in the database the logfile grow quikly and over 1G. I had enough space on my hdd but still got the message. Try increasing the file grow procent in order to allocate enough space.

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    We often had problems on full transaction logs. Usually due to no committing. If you rightclick the database and look at the properties / options, set the recovery mode to simple. This usually saves a lot of logspace. Carefull, you won't be able to perform a decent rollback if needed so backup your database.

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