Hi All,

I'm having trouble getting the right versions of the srv.h, opends60.lib....and possibly the opends60.dll (don't know till build works). Basically the samples that come with SQL Server 2000 won't build because ODS_VERSION is not defines and quite a few of the useful functions described in the help don't exist in the srv.h or sometimes exist in the svr.h but not in the lib , so I get a linker error.

I've installed the SQL Server SDK from the Platform SDK November 2001 thinking that this should provide me with the latest versions (being the latest Platform SDK)...but did it my #'&e. Could somebody tell me what I should be installing to furish me with the correct files.

Here are my versions
svr.h dated 24 April 1998
Opends60.lib dated 13 May 1998
opends60.dll dated 06 August 2000 01:50:56

Any help at all would be greatly appreciated.