My apologies if this has been discussed before and I missed it.

That said, specs:
WIN2k Server
Oracle9iLite (Yes, we are one of the few shops
to get that to run.)
Oracle9i (Different home D:\oracle9i vs. :\oracle9iLite)

Installs fine, builds database o'kay (9.0.1), import is another thing.

This is the jist of my question. With the old svrmgrl you could troubleshoot & debug ORA-12154 Tns problems, and ORA-01034 not available problems quite nicely. But now, I am finding that none of my old tricks work. Anyone care to share ways to debug those two on WIN2k w/ Oracle9i? I tried moving the svrmgrl.exe into the d:\oracle9i\bin
directory, but that hasn't been smooth.

Any replies on topic would be appreciated.