we recently upgraded our NT4 server to win2000. i'm in the middle of
moving our entire ASE 11.5 database to the new server. but i got
really stuck at the master recovery. i did the following

1. i built master

bldmastr -d c:\data\dbms\master.dat -s25000

2. i started the sybase server in master recovery mode

sqlsrvr -dC:\data\dbms\master.dat -sHELIX2
-iC:\programs\sybase11_5\ini\ -MC:\programs\sybase11_5 -m

3. i logged into sybase as sa using SQL Advantage

4. i checked and updated our backup server name

update sysservers set srvnetname = "HELIX2_BS" where srvname =

5. i opened sybase central, right clicked and started our backup

6. i went back to SQL Advantage and tried to load master

load database master from "C:\old_data\dbms\masterDump.dat"

then i got this:

Server Message: Number 7205, Severity 17
Line 1:
Can't open a connection to site 'SYB_BACKUP'. See the error log file
in the SQL Server boot directory.
Server Message: Number 3015, Severity 10
Line 1:
WARNING: In order to LOAD the master database, the SQL Server must run
in single-user mode. If the master database dump uses multiple
volumes, you must execute sp_volchanged on another SQL Server at LOAD
time in order to signal volume changes.

i checked the interfaces; it looked ok. i checked the errorlog, it said "Failed to connect to remote server...". i tried to log on as sa to our backup server (HELIX_BS); it wouldn't let me and said "Change database context to 'master'. master..spt_values not found. specify owner.objectname or use sp_help to check whether the object exists."

pls help!