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    Arrow Unanswered: Unable to link .dbf files to access


    I am a Graduate Research Student in Georgia Tech. I am working with Access databases and Visual Basic. I get lot of files in .dbf format and I need to link them to access. Some of the .dbf files get easily linked, but some of them don't get linked.

    When I try to link some .dbf files by pressing 'new' button and then 'link' button and I browse and find the .dbf file I sometimes get the following error message "The microsoft jet database engine could not find the object 'xxxx.dbf'. Make sure the object exists and that you specify its name and the path name correctly". What should I do to fix this problem. Some of the dbf files I use are created by the ArcGIS software.


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    DBF files can be different: Dbase, Clipper, Foxpro 2.x or Visual FoxPro. It is good to know such details to select appropriate ODBC driver.


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