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    Unanswered: Dropping a Column from a replicated table is not allowed?

    I am trying to drop a column from one of my tables, I get a

    'Server Message: Number 4933, Severity 16
    Dropping a Column from a replicated table is not allowed'

    I know this table is not being replicated (at least I don't belivev so)
    How do I alleviate this problem?


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    I think we need a little more information. What version of Sybase are you running? And are you completely sure the column is not being replicated. You can check looking in the RSSD for any repdefs defined on the table then looking at the repdefs defined on that table for the column.

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    Also run sp_setreplicate in the database. It will provide a list of tables marked for replication. If you're sure it's not being replicated (check rep defs, subscriptions), unmark the table.

    - Q

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