I'm a new member and prohibited from posting to Usenet groups. This is Pick D3/NT odbc connectivity issue and belongs in comp.databases.pick.

The background is a must:

I have Win2k server running Pick D3/NT 7.2. In Windows' services applet I have set both the VME and the ODBC service to logon as administrator. I have also set these two services to launch manually. Following a server reboot I launch each of the services to run in the foreground via a command window. The VME is launched with the "/debug" option. The ODBC service is launched in debug mode with the "-dpv" option.

Our users connect via the Accuterm emulator and they couldn't be happier.

I'm trying to connect to the D3 database via MS Access.

I have loaded both the 2.0.25 and 2.0.27 client odbc drivers on several different Win2k Pro workstations. Some with Office97, some with Office2k. In all cases I've correctly defined the data source in the odbc admin applet on the System DSN tab. On one machine in particular I've defined the data source on the User DSN, System DSN and File DSN tabs. I've registered the vb runtime dll via "regsvr32 msvbvm50.dll" which responds with a success message.

I've tried to connect to the Pick account SQLDEMO. I've issued the "SQL-CATALOG [account-name]" command in another account and created some test tables there.

In all cases I am told "ODBC Call Failed" and then "[Raining Data][ODBC D3 Driver]ERROR (#0)".

There is a similar message when attempting to connect via Seagate's Crystal Reports.

What follows is a paste of the D3 server's command window that the d3odbcsv service is running in. It appears to be detecting connection attempts.

---begin paste---
E:\D3\D3PROG~1>d3odbcsv -dpv
ODBC Server
Version: 7.2.0.S24
Date : 28 Nov 2000
Port : 1603

Caching set to gradually increase to a maximum of 200 rows.

Microsoft Windows Socket Version 1.1
Child socket: 184
Preparing to Connect:
D3 Machine :''
D3 User :'dm'
D3 User Pwd :'*ENCODED*'
D3 Account :'sqldemo'
D3 Account Pwd:'*NONE*'
Logon successful
Execute 001790A0( SELECT Config, nValue FROM MSysConf )
SQLTables 001790A0 (%, %, %, 'TABLE','VIEW','SYSTEM TABLE','ALIAS','SYNONYM')
Execute 001790A0( select Table_Qualifier, Table_Owner, Table_Name, Table_Type, Remarks from SQL.TABLES where Table_Name is not NULL and Table_Owner = 'dm' and Table_Type in 'TABLE','VIEW','SYSTEMTABLE','ALIAS','SYNONYM') order by Table
_Type, Table_Qualifier, Table_Owner, Table_Name )
?Drop statement 001790A0
Logoff successful
ODBC Server
Version: 7.2.0.S24
Date : 28 Nov 2000
Port : 1603
---end paste---

I'm not sure if that "drop statement" blurb is normal or not. In the command window it's not really a question mark that precedes it.

I've created trace logs from Windows' odbc admin applet. There are blurbs in there like this one indicating failure somewhere along the way. DIAG [01S02] [Pick Systems][ODBC D3 Driver]Not supported - Value option changed (0).

I wasted money on a haircut a few weeks ago. I could have just pulled it all out by now.

Ross Brindley? Would you suggest that I reinstall D3/NT and ODBC in this case as well?

Eternally grateful for any help, I remain,

Dave Hicks
Marginally Sane