I am having a problem with writing a modified querywithing a report field. i have a letter that pulls info from a dear field:

=IIf(IsNull([Contact 1 Dear]),Trim("Dear Contributor:"),IIf([Contact 1 Dear]="",Trim("Dear Contributor:"),Trim("Dear " & [Contact 1 Dear] & ":")))

Basically it is telling that if there is no contact 1 dear to just put "dear contributor". What I need it to do is also check against another field called [Dear]. I need it to do the following;

*Check to see if there is data in [contact 1 dear] or [Dear]
*if there is data in either one put (ear" & [either field] & ":")
*If there is no data in either field put "Dear Contributor"

I am new to Access, but I really need helP!!!!!!!!!!!!!