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    Exclamation Unanswered: Problems with Query Execution

    I currently have a report which is based on 3 simple queries. The report contains many complex expressions (iif and other functions). When the report is executed, it performs properly and correctly.

    The problem lies in when I attempt to create a query with the same formulas. When this is done, the query hangs the system in a constant "processing" mode. I have attempted breaking up the query into 2 queries, and when this is done, the first one opens, but the second hangs the system.

    Is there ANY way that I can get this to work? Or is there a way that I can base a query on the values returned by the report??!! Please assist!!
    Gregorio E. Gonzalez

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    What type of formulae are you trying to use?

    You shouldn't really be basing a query on a report.. should be the other way around.

    Perhaps start building your query again, a bit at a time, to work out which expression it's crashing on.

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