I have been going over this for hours.

I would like for 2 seperate data sets (Sport1 and Sport2) to pull from the same Table (Sports).

Eg Sport1 - Volleyball
Sport2 - Basketball


Ect. . .

I would like Sport1 and Sport2 to pull from Sports
I have tried various methods to do this. .

Making 2 fields Sport1 and Sport2, Then creating a seperate table containing The lists of sports.... but i cant use relationships to tie them together..... after connecting Sport1 > Sports, then attempting to connect Sport2 > Sports, It doesn't allow for 2 relationships. . . I select 'No' >> then it adds a fake table called Sports_1 but the 2 do not update properly.

I am still in a Spreadsheet mindset..... please help me. I love you !