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    Unanswered: Accounting integration

    We are a small non-profit convalescent home trying to get into this century with a database for the first time. One item in our wish list is to have our accounting software integrated so we don't have to make addtitions/corrections to client info in more than one place. We currently use QuickBooks, and from posts on some forums I gather we can essentially forget about using it.

    Does anyone know of a similar package, i.e. requires only modest accounting training, has billing function, etc., which can be successfully integrated with Paradox?

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    Re: Accounting Integration

    QuickBooks Pro supports XML as a way to integrate. For example, I've seen a simple tool called FileBooks that does this between QuickBooks and FileMaker Pro...but don't know about Paradox.

    You might try the Knowledge Base, and newsgroups on Corel's tech support site for Paradox.

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