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    Unanswered: Maximum time to a job (SQL server agent).

    I have a job that run DTS package .
    In the Package it Execute some S.P from other servers and make other calculation .
    from time to time the job is stuck for hours .
    In this case the CPU goes up to 90 -100 % and the memory raise up too. ( I already have 2 processors and 2 GB memory )

    Do you know what is the way to stop the job automatically by SQL server agent after { 30 } minuets ( or ant other period of time ) .


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    I have the exactly same need.
    I run a job that run an SSIS package that queries an external db.
    From time to time, that job never finishes.
    I then must stop it manually.
    I would like to put a timeout somewhere so that when the time has come the job step is marked as failed.

    How can I manage to do this ?

    a+, =)

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