I have been reading MSSQL 200 Server Admin books and my goal is to be MCDBA Certified in a about two months. I have been using basic SQL statements for several years now, so SQL itself is nothing new to me.
For some odd reason, I enjoy working with databases and want to learn and do more.

I have a question and a request. I will be moving to the Wichita, Kansas area in Oct, 02 and would like to know if anyone out there can help me in the way of letting me come in and see how things are done in the real world.
I know this is a big request. But I felt it was worth asking.
As for my question, once I get MCDBA, how important is it by itself? I mean, currently I have no college degree, but would like to earn one, and my experience is limited. Can anyone tell me from their expeirence how difficult it was to land a good job with MCDBA alone?

I know this is a vague question, but I am just trying to achieve some sourcing before Oct.