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    Question Unanswered: Full Text Indexing

    I have made a table called BOB in BOB I have a field called skills.
    I have created a full text index on this field.
    In this field there is A+, N+, C and C++ along with the usual sentences e.g. "I have a diploma in A+" or " I worked for the C.N.A using C++ ..."

    My problem:

    In order to be able to search for "C" I've had to remove it from the noise word file. Unfortunately when I now search for "C" I also get C++ which I don't want, and visa versa.

    When I search for A+ it returns an error... "your query contained ignored words."
    Now I can't remove "a" from the noise words as the result of the query would be rediculous. i.e. I would recieve everything that has the letter "a" in it . Believe me I've tried .

    Does anyone have any idea how I could overcome this rather difficult dilema.

    With Many Thanks

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    not your way but maybe it will help

    since you have alist of known skiles you can make acolum for every skile , make it a true / fals colum then put an index on thes colums
    (its a bad index i know but it will suit you fine)

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