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    hi ,

    i am kalyan sekhar .. i did an application using sql as back end ... when the user enters data in the applications it stores in sqlserver ..
    now i want to store the same database into another server ... i.e when user enters the data it shld simultaneously store in the server and another sql server in another system so tht i have two copies ...

    pls let me know wat is the procedure to maintain data simultaneously in two sql servers ..?

    kalyan sekhar

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    Replication is the thing for you.

    You can use either Merge, Transactional or Snapshot replication.

    Snapshot replication copies the database to another server at a given interval, whereas Merge and Transactional replication merge the differences between the two databases.
    Transactional replication immediately updates the other server, and Merge replication is used for connections where subscribers do not require a 100% online connection.

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