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    Unanswered: SQL7 problems with SP4 upgrade

    After upgrading SQL7 sp 1 to sp4 the sqlserver wont listen on port 1433. it tries to start up "listenOn" but it aborts with an error message.

    error: 17826 severity: 18 state: 1
    ... could not set listenon connection 1433
    operating systeem error: 10013

    someone seen this problem b4... ms doesnt have a solution for this on technet...

    edit: some more remarks....

    mssqlserver running under a useraccount (if i make this admin it runs ok) so userrights problem i suppose...
    my registry settings might not be ok... (the person, who administared this server b4 me liked to reghack)
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    I've just today resolved this error, though the cause is unlikely to be due to the service pack. The SQL Server service was logging on using a Domain Account that did not have enough permissions on the local server. OS Error 10013 refers to the OS having insufficient privileges to grant exclusive access to a port 1433.

    Running netstat -an showed that the server was not listening on 1433.

    Change the logon details to use LocalSystem Account and restart the SQL service. Chances are it will work fine.

    Just edit the permissions of the original user and ensure they have admin rights on the SQL Server.

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    u dont need to change it to the system account. i have a 2nd server (supposed to be identical) and that one is running under a normal user account without any problems.
    the reason i dont want to use a system account or admin account is, if the db is hacked the hacker would gain nt privileges the same as the startup account for mssqlserver service.

    i didnt solve this problem tho... i just gonna reinstall it. (got lost in registry rights for the user... on there is an excellent document for sql2000 btw)
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