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    Unanswered: Exporting from Access 255 character Cut??

    I need to export a query that i have in Access, but i have some description fields that are longer than 255 characters.

    Currently, It cuts off all text longer than 255. Is there a way to avoid splitting fields into 255 segmants.

    If no.... how would you approach splitting the information but keep a cohesive entry of that information.

    Eg- if i had a review of a movie that ran longer than 255... how could i set up a field to enter than information in one piece then have it split later ?


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    i am gettin it to work manually in this manor:

    1st copy all information DIRECTLY from Datasheet.
    2nd paste directly into Wordpad then save as RTF.
    3rd Close Wordpad
    4th Open Wordpad >> Select All
    5th Open Excel
    6th Select cell 1
    7th paste

    This is the only way i could get info through without truncation.... any more automated solutions... or can i do this with Visual Basic.

    Oh ya... why is this i have tried a tried a direct Export to most ot the formats and this is the only way it seems to work ?? ?

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