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    Unanswered: Merge replication error -2147201019

    I'm setting up a merge replication. Sql server 2000 Desktop engine is installed at subscriber site. Sql server 2000 enterprise is installed at the publisher site.

    I setup the publisher fine. No errors.

    I setup a subscriber to the publisher, and get this error:

    "the subscription to publication 'xxxx' is invalid"

    The error details are:

    Last command: {call sp_MSgetreplicainfo(?,?,?,?,?,?)}
    Category: Agent
    Source: Merge Replication Provider
    Number: -2147201019

    This error shows up only after all tables have been copied to the subscriber. The last valid function before the error is:

    Applied script 'CustBank_5.trg'

    The above has nothing to do with the error. The scripts all apply, for every table selected. I've tested with publication of all tables, down to just a single table. The error always shows up after the last script is applied.

    I've set this same thing up on computers in my office, and it works fine. Just can't get it working for the customer.

    Any ideas?


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    One more thing.

    I'm also getting the following message listed as the "Full" error text:

    "The remote server is not defined as a subscription server"

    Doing my Google searches now

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    Problem Solved!!

    I found the solution. Thanks GOOGLE and Brian!

    The above troubleshooting site, eventually pointed me to the following link, that resolved the problem.


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