I'm quite new to Access (97) and have a problem.

I have the following tables:
1. Company (with CompanyID, Company, Addrs_ID, HomeAdd_ID, Notes)
2. Address (Addrs_ID, Address1-5 etc)
3. Home Address (HomeAdd_ID, Address 1-5 etc)
4. People (PeopleID, Name, Surname, Addrs_ID - lookup to Addrs_ID in Address table, HomeAdd_ID - lookup to HomeAdd_ID in Home Address table)
4. People/Address (PeopleAdd_ID, Addrs_ID, PeopleID)
5. People/Home Address (PeopleHome_ID, HomeAdd_ID, PeopleID)
6. Employee (Employee_ID, PeopleID, HomeAdd_ID, Addrs_ID, CompanyID)

One to many, ref. integrity:
1. CompanyID in Company to CompanyID in Employee
2. Addrs_ID in Address to Addrs_ID in People/Address
3. HomeAdd_ID in Home Address to HomeAdd_ID in People/Home Address
4. PeopleID in People to PeopleID in People/Address, People/Home Address, Employee

I need to be able to match the company to the employee (which I've done using the Company and Employee tables in a query, it works fine.
Then I need to match the Home Address to the PeopleID. It works fine until I match up the company/employee details, too. The info comes up, but I can't add anything new (in datasheet format, it doesn't have a blank line at the bottom).

Is this because I've got relationships misconfigured?

I want to use a query which looks at the CompanyID form on my main form (I must set up a subform with the Employee Home Address details on the Company form which has company address details).

I don't know how to go any further. I've tried various things, creating a table with CompanyID, PeopleID, EmployeeID, HomeAdd_ID and Addrs_ID, and setting up its relationships with the relevant tables, but it hasn't worked.