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    Unanswered: Populating data from a query into a table VBA

    I have a query which calculates data via a function. I would like to send data from this query into a table. If the query is run again, I would like to update this data into the form.

    The query has field1 and field 2

    The table has calc1 and calc2

    How would one do this in an module which can run vian an expression on the query?

    Greg Gonzalez
    Gregorio E. Gonzalez

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    If you've got your results in a query, then why transfer it to a table? You can always access your resuts from the query and they will always be current.

    You should not place calculated fields in your tables- they're not dynamic and need to be updated whenever other values are changed.

    You can always base your forms and reports on the query.

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