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    Unanswered: 1to1 Tables Joining no edit in Query

    This seems to come up a lot.

    I have a fairly large table with a primary key of SKU
    certain SKU values share multiple producers, categories, ect.
    I have a table set up Many2Many to deal with these.

    They are attached via the SKU and the PRODUCERID, ect.
    I would like to take data like PRODUCERID and integrate into a single query for editing

    Here lies the problem: Every time i integrate more than 1 table into a query Access either turns off the "add new item icon" or doesn't show the data at all.

    I dont understand this.
    I have attached a pic of my relationships and the query in question.
    What am i doing wrong.
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    Have you considered a sub form approach?

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    I have.... the only thing is that i am not sure if it is necessary to do so.

    The only to items that i currently have with many2many relationships are Category and Producer.

    The table carries videos and DVDs that my company carries.
    I would like to track items by sports > > but some fit into multiple categories and some into multiple sports.

    Do you think that the best solution is the way that i have it set up on the attached picture. If so, i cannot combine all of this into a single query correct >>> is the only way to go about it is through sub-forms?

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