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    Question Unanswered: Hex numbers - input and display on forms


    my dB has a Number field which I would like to input and display as Hex. I'm not interested in the decimal conversion, but I need it as a number for arithmetic operations. The problem is that on a Form, I can't make the Control Source=Hex(num), because it won't let me change the value. If I use an unbound text box with some Event Procedures, it works in Form view, but in Datasheet view, I get the same number for all records. I know it doesn't affect my data, but it looks silly.

    There must be a simple way to do this!

    Thanks in advance for any help,


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    well unless you have a special OCX control, I would advice you to:
    1. create a new field in query that calculates decimal from hex value you will input
    2. show that field on form if you wish (i guess no)
    3. create a bounded textbox in a form for inputting that hex value
    4. read the decimal value from textbox/field calculated on the fly by that query
    I hope that solution will satisfy you

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