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    Unanswered: Running two mySQL instances in Windows successfully

    I encounter problem of running two mySQL instances in Windows environment. In Unix, it works well.

    Consider the following scenario :

    I have two mysql instances installed in my computer. One is located at C:\MYSQL1> and the other is located at C:\MYSQL2>

    1. First I run the server with port 1000, using the following command :

    C:\MYSQL1> bin\mysqld --console --port=1000 --socket=.\db1.sock --data=.\data

    2. Then I run the server with port 2000, as follows:

    C:\MYSQL2> bin\mysqld --console --port=2000 --socket=.\db1.sock --data=.\data

    It is successfully executed. I can connect to both ports. But when I want to shutdown one of the ports, say, port 2000, using the following command:

    C:\MYSQL2> bin\mysqladmin -u root --port=2000 --socket=.\db2.sock shutdown > log

    The port 2000 is not shutdown. Instead the port 1000 is shutdown.

    Then I try to open port 2000 first and then open port 1000. When I try to shutdown port 1000, the problem comes. Port 1000 is not shutdown, but port 2000 is shutdown.

    No matter what you specify in the port option, the FIRST port that is opened will be shutdown first.

    What is the solution for this problem? Anyone can help ? Thanks......

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    I have the same problem trying to develop a cd-rom with microweb (see

    Hope MySQL will correct this soon.

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    is this working yet??

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    Originally posted by Ken-doh
    is this working yet??
    According to the reply given by
    Mr. Indy Singh
    IndigoSTAR Software --

    This was a bug in mysql-3.23.49. It works ok with mysql-3.23.55.

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