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    Unanswered: comitting records

    In my VB Code I have an DOCMD.RUNSQL command which updates records in a table. That works fine, but when I try to refresh my form I get a 'WRITE CONFLICT' Error.

    Access thinks another process has changed the data, which it as (DOCMD.RUNSQL), that's why I'm wanting to refresh the form.

    Is there a way around this problem, I've tried saving the record after I run the update using the acsave method but I still get the error.


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    You could close the form and reopen it passing in the ID as an open arg.

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    I think you'd have to close the form before running the code, otherwise the same error would occur when it saves upon closing.

    It's an annoying problem which I've been stuck with in the past also.

    Spanner, since your running code to update the underlying data, instead of referring to the fields in underlying tables / queries directly, try referring to them through the form.

    So if you were referring to a field in an underlying recordset, rs("SomeField"), try changing it to me!SomeField. That way the form receives the updates at the same time.

    I realise this may not always be possible, especially when using complex coding, but it was a solution for me.

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