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    Question Unanswered: set integrity: extremly long runtime.......

    We're setting up a new database to store the content for our web applications.

    Therfore we have to run a couple of mass-inserts.

    To upload data into the tables via load runs fast.

    The following check 'set integrity' on this table (160.000 rows) need a check time of 19 hours !!!!!

    A small set of data with a few thousends is done in a few minutes. For an estimation on the amount of data we would expect a check time of less than 1 hour......

    Something is extremly wrong.

    Does anybody have an idea what we should check, or what we can do to speed it up ?

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    check your constraints

    i would suggest dropping all non primary constraint first, then load the table, then re-add your constraints.... i think this is better than using the IMMEDIATE UNCHECKED option.

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