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    Unanswered: mass inserts: extremly strange runtime behaviour !!!!

    We're loading a database with mass data.

    In our development and test environment the insert jobs are running smooth and quick
    (linear behaviour)

    Our production environment has more processors, more memory and more disk space......

    In this environment the same job starts fast and after 1-2 hours it becomes more and more slower.... down to insert rates of 3 rows / 1 hour

    System ressources on the machine are no bottleneck. Only disk I/O is slow, but we would expect a linear behaviour.

    Any idea what is useful to check to get an idea about this phenomenom ?

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    Check for the tablespace for tables and indexes . Are they on different drives? If they are not well organized then insertion would initially be fast and then it will slow down.

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    Hi,I just think of index split. ( key inserted in random sequence , and index grows )
    So How about the load data sequence? Is it sorted?
    If possible , how about executing load without Index ( and create it later ) ?

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