Hi all,

Im am trying to esign a db to store bookings of company pool cars.

Each car can only be booked once at the same time, so I will need to query the data before inserting a booking. Availabily needs to be displayed visually in a calendar view for any day so i need to be able to store time slots showing booked or unbooked.

I dont know whether to have FROM & TO fields with the date/time of the booking, car and user id: e.g

booking_id car user from to
1 1 1 18-07-02 12:00 18-07-02 13:30

Or to create a separate table [Booked Times] and store a record for each time slot that is booked e.g

booking_id date/time
1 18-07-02 12:00
1 18-07-02 12:30
1 18-07-02 13:00

Has anyone done similar & can give me some advice.