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    Unanswered: Simple Db Question - Inventory

    I work for a communications company and I need to track our cable modem inventory. I need to create a simple database that lets me enter in the MAC address into stock and then issue that box at a later time to a tech. After the tech has been issued the box, I need to again update the status of the modem to include the cust# where it was installed.

    I currently have a modem table(MACaddr), tech table(tech#,techname), and modemhistory(modem#,tech#,techname,job#) table. For some reason, I can't seem to figure out how to make it work the way I want.

    I have it setup where the "parts guy" scans in the boxes by barcode and they are entered into the ModemTable. Once in the table I need to be able to choose from the available modems to issue to the techs in TechTable. I think I have that down, but once it is issued, how do I remove it from stock since this is a different table?

    I hope this makes sense. Check the attached file for my current attempt at this... please contact me if you have any suggestions... I am new at this and I am working blind at the moment. Thanks in advance.
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    Stock is a calculated value. Therefore in a normalised system it is not stored in a table. Rather it is calculated in a query. I have attached a query that might work for the table set up as shown.

    There is however, another step which is sorting the stock returned.
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