obviously this should directed to Nortel since they wrap the client install within their own install.. the software is their call center switch admin client.

okay, so this is Win2kPro on a Dell P4. the installation loads the call center client, dao 3, and then sybase ase 12. the installation will fail on the sybase client. it was previously giving me a jre error, of which i cannot find any log w/ any useful information. I found in these forums an article pertaining to flagging no just in time compilation. I tried this, and low and behold, the installation will go a little further, then fail w/o any messages.

really, my question is, how / where can i independently install the ase client? the nortel install looks like it will skip any 3rd party installs if it sees that they are already installed, as the installation does skip DAO install, because i have ran this so many times...

any help would be greatly appreciated as I have tried to get Nortel support and I get the run around. (they want me to use my Nortel VAR, who knows nothing about software, only the phone switch itself.)