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    Unanswered: Normalisation - Query

    Hi all,
    I need to design apet database whee customers get regeistered and then pst their pet deals. They are either for sale or just rehoming.

    Can someone please take a few moments to have a look at what I have done so far and tell me if it is any good.

    This is my 6th time re-designing the tables.

    Many thanks.

    ps: owners can be either Private or part of an Organisation.

    Customer table:
    Customer#, C_Fname, C_Lname, C.address1, C.address2, C.postCode, C.fax, UKlocation, C.Hphone, C.Mphone, C.e-mail, (rehoming-services?

    Organisation details:
    customer#, Org#,, Org.AreaCoverd,
    Org.activities, Org.addinfo, Org.Logo

    Members of Org details:
    Member#, Org#, Member_name, Member_email, member_Phone, member_ext.

    Host table
    customer#, host#, animals accepted?, max_no_days, price_per_day

    Pets table:
    pet#, picture, p_type, p_breed

    Permenant pets for rehoming
    pet#, pet_perm#, name, p.color, p.d_o_b, age,
    p.size, p.personality1, p.personality2, p.personalty3, p.vaccination,
    p. allergies, microchipped.

    pets for sale:
    Pet#, sale#, no.ofMales, PriceperMale, No.ofFemales, PriceperFemale,

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    what is the difference between a customer and a member? can a customer be more than one member? can a member be more than one customer?

    what is the difference between a customer and a host? can a customer be more than one host? can a host be more than one customer?

    and i don't understand how you can have "number of males" attached to a given pet

    do you have an entity-relationship diagram for this structure? that would really help you straighten out which foreign keys go where

    see Data Modeling for an excellent tutorial


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