For no obvious reason 16 fields was suddently removed from a table in my access97 database (Office SP2, Jet SP3 running W95). It was not that the data in those fields were deleted, but the entire field in the table structure itself! They are no longer present in design view and connot be accessed through queries or source code. There is no source code or queries that alters the structure that could have gone out of control. My obvious guess is that I'm dealing with db corruption. The db is compacted by the front end application at close-down. Unfortunately, the db was compacted again before the problem was reported by the user so the table MSysCompactErrors has been removed (if ever present).

I have not however been able to get it confirmed that compact on JetSP3 actually removes fields from the table structure in case of corruption (as it does with damaged data). Has anybody experienced the same thing or can confirm that corruption and subsequent compact can cause this? Any input is extremely welcome!