Let's say I've decided to decrease the size of a DB device. Will these steps bring success to me:

1. Start SQL server in single user mode
2. Shrink the DB to a desired size
3. Backup the master DB
4. Backup the DB (at its most current state)
5. Create the new DB recreation script (by means of sp_help_revdatabase)
6. Drop the DB
7. Drop all DB devices the DB was on
8. Delete dropped device files
9. Recreate DB devices from a previously generated script specifying the new size
10. Recreate the DB from a previously generated script
11. Restore the DB
12. Run DBCCs (CHECKDB & NEWALLOC) against the restored DB
13. Backup the DB
14. Backup master
15. Restart SQL server in multiuser mode

Thanks for advice.