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    Unhappy Unanswered: Converting Access 97 to 2002

    I have a multitude of databases developed in Access 97 or earlier and I am trying to upgrade our system so that everyone has Office xp on their desktops and can run these databases.
    The process is a slow one but my part is to ensure that these databases can be accessible to people running either Access 97 or xp.
    Most work.
    Those that don't have problems with their DAO libraries and Active X libraries. By transfering libraries around and changed reference I believe I mostly have the DAO issues in hand.
    However, the same process has not worked for the Active X references. I am unfamiliar with Active X and don't really understand how it works and why a simple addition of the appropriate library would not resolve the problems.
    If anyone has similar experiences and resolved them effectively or knows of an efficient way of making this work please let me know!

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    I have just successfully imported a huge Acc97 DB (3000 queries , 250 tables) into Acc2000. I had similar problem with DAO <-> ADODB/ADOX. Because I do not want to change the DB a lot I tried to keep my all DAO references. Steps I did:
    1. Installed Patch SP2 for Office 2000
    2. Restarted PC (for the gods sake)
    3. Opened Access2000 with no DB (just press Cancel when he tries to open smth)
    4. Go to:
    Tools -> Database_Utilities -> Convert_Database -> To_Current_DB_ver
    5. Select the DB you want to convert.
    6. Wait until it finishes. All references will be set automatically for you.
    So you don’t need bother yourself with it.
    7. Close Acc2000
    8. Double click on converted DB while holding shift (!!)
    9. Go to Modules. Double click on any module.
    10. You start VB IDE.
    11. Press <CTRL> + <H> and for all modules/forms/reports
    (press <ALT> + <C> in order to do so) replace the following
    “ AS Recordset” -> “ As DAO.Recordset”
    “ AS Database” -> “ As DAO.Database”
    “ AS Workspace” -> “ As DAO.Workspace”
    “ AS Field” -> “ As DAO.Field”
    “ AS QueryDef” -> “ As DAO.QueryDef”
    and so on...
    Mind omitting apostrophes
    12. Close DB and restart it. I should work properly.

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    Converting Access 97 to 2002

    I tried the below conversion idea and I still get an error:

    Compile error:
    User-defined type not defined

    and VB highlights this line:

    Dim db As DAO.Database

    Any ideas what's wrong or how to fix?

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    Open Visual Basic editor, then go to <TOOLS> menu and chose
    Make sure that:
    - Microsoft ActiveX Data Objects 2.7 Library (or any other)
    - Microsoft ActiveX Data Objects Recordset 2.7 Library (or any other)
    - Microsoft ADO Ext. 2.7 for DDL and Security (or any other)
    Is unchecked

    Then open References again and make sure that:
    - Microsoft DAO 3.6 Object Library
    - Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications Extensibility 5.3
    Is checked

    I hope this will help you.

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    By the way, I'm a newbie. But, I had read somewhere online about checking my References but my menu option for References is greyed-out.

    Any idea how to enable the menu option or check references another way?

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    Well I've tried to "simulate" similar grayed out <REFERENCES>.
    I could manage to get is only in these cases:
    - You haven't opened any database, Open a database and try again.
    - You have opened a not converted database. Convert a database first.

    Maybe this URL will help you:
    There are some screenshots concerning this problem.

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    That link pointed out that References are only available at Design time and I was running my app. ("You haven't opened any database, Open a database and try again."? C'mon, I said "newbie" not goofball!) :-)

    So, I hit Ctrl-G with my database open (!) instead of double clicking my form and can click References.


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