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    Question Unanswered: connect to server from client

    hi ,

    i must to connect sql server that located in one domain from client that located the other domain.

    please help me.

    thanks alot

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    if you are using server side authentication this is NOT a problem. Just define the login and access to the needed DB and you are ready to go.

    If you are using NT authentication, you will need to have the user's domain trust the sql server's domain. I probably have that backwards but your network admin will know how to set the trusts up. After that you can define the login and continue as normal.

    Can you give a little more detail about your problem?
    Paul Young
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    this message "connection failed" by ODBC


    I must connect to sql server by ODBC and when I define DSN i visited sql server in list but i meet this message"connection fail"

    please guide me.

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