Hi all,

We have a very tricky problem here.

We followed the migration procedure to migrate database which is previously on Oracle 7.3.4 to Oracle 8.1.7

We completed this task successfully and we created new Oracle SID with name ORGS using oradim(Oracle 8.1.7).

We are able to even connect to the database successfully.

So the problem now is we have our own application which uses ProC.

We built this application in Oracle 8i Environment only.
and we didnt get any error while building it.

When we deployed this application in the server where database is migrated we are not able to make connection with database.
Its throwing an error TNS-12560, TNS protocol adaptar error.

And after viewing the sqlnet.log, to our surprise the ProC connection is referring for SID ORCL which should
refer to our SID ORGS.

No reference of ORCL is given anywhere. We even checked our registry.

But we are in dilema from where ProC is checking for ORCL which need to check the SID ORGS.

We configured our listener and Tnsnames.ora correctly.
and as said earlier even we are able to make ODBC connection. Only problem is with ProC connection.

Could anyone put some of your views on this issue.