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    Red face Unanswered: Incorporating Word Documents into an Access Database

    I am trying to create a database driven webpage using Access 2000. I have 50 Word documents which are made up of 3 pages per document. Is it possible to include the documents into my Access database, if so how? I would like users to be able to search and read the documents online.

    Thank you!

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    To be honest, the easiest way to include them is to have a fixed directory you save them to and create a table which stores filename, Brief Description, and Hyperlink to the document

    You can then publish the hyperlink on the web and allow people to browse the Brief Descs and select a doc to read

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    Another alternative is to turn the word documents into Adobe Acrobat .pdf files and display them the same way as the previous post had described. Adobe Acrobat .pdf files are great for security and for searching large amounts of text in a document. It would also allow the user to print a copy or save a copy of the file to their machine.

    Reason for Adobe Acrobat: the reader is free for one and what if your user doesn't have MS Word on their machine, they could be using Word Perfect.

    Just a thought...
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