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    Unanswered: problems with count query

    Please help
    The following query is part of an intranet I am building for a client unfortunately on access database because of cost to client. The query works on my LAN but I setup on client and the query gives me 0 results when I select All in the form which has a % value. Seem to be a problem with the value not interpreting the % as a * in the database. But yet it works on the development site. can anyone help

    SELECT count(*) as expr1 FROM clients_detail WHERE client_id in (select distinct clients_detail.client_id FROM agent_detail INNER JOIN (product_prod INNER JOIN ((clients_area INNER JOIN ((bank_account INNER JOIN bank_branches ON bank_account.Branch_code = bank_branches.Branch_Code) INNER JOIN clients_detail ON bank_account.client_ID = clients_detail.Client_ID) ON clients_area.Suburb = clients_detail.Suburb) INNER JOIN products_inv_client ON clients_detail.Client_ID = products_inv_client.Client_ID) ON product_prod.Prod_Code = products_inv_client.Prod_Code) ON agent_detail.Agent_Code = products_inv_client.Agent_Code WHERE clients_detail.Surname like '"&cname&")

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    the development site is probably on a different version of access

    try it with * instead of % and see


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