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    Unhappy Unanswered: data type mismatch in criteria expression

    I get the following error: Data type mismatch .... i don't understand why... i have changed all my data types to text

    this is were the error occurs:

    Dim strfilter As String
    strfilter = "afdelingsid = " & Me!Arb_afdeling
    Me!txtafdeling = DLookup("afdnaam", "tbl_afdelingen", strfilter)

    Any suggestions

    please help me out i am trying to solve this for days...

    Many thanks

    kind regards

    Bart Coenen or

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    common mistake this one mate

    if the field afdelingsid is text you MUSt enclose the filter text with single quotes (')

    like this:

    strfilter = "afdelingsid = '" & Me!Arb_afdeling & "'"

    You will make tyhis mistake alot I promise you - we all do


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