I have almost no Access experience (as will be obvious I'm afraid) but have found this forum and would like to ask, for my IT group, about a problem that's come up...

We work in a networked environment with multiple servers and domains and someone has placed an Access2000 database in a server folder and wants several particular people to have permissions to it. Without knowing anything we created a group out on the network level, added the user accounts and added this group with full control to the ntfs permissions of the .mdb file.

When a user runs Access and uses this mdb, Access closes the mdb, takes away the group permissions and only leaves permission for the single user that accessed it.

We took a look at the topic of security within the help provided inside Access and discovered what looks like a whole parallel universe of security with a similar structure to the Windows networking world outside of Access.

Assuming we study up and perhaps start using the user permissions construct within the Access application I'm still left with the immediate question of how to set permissions on the mdb file for these people.

Can someone please give a succinct explanation of this win/access security relationship with perhaps a quick recommendation of how to get these people going with the database having a simple password that the users share?

-Turtle (harried netadmin)