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    Unanswered: Find&Replace control problem

    I have a query based on tblClass (parent) and tblPosition (child). This query contains all fields from tblPosition and some – from tblClass. On my form (based on this query) I’ve created a cmd button (using Wizard) “Find Record”. This cmd.b. on click event displays the Microsoft's built-in Find and Replace control to enable a user to quickly find info. The problem is that this Find&Replace control works only for fields that come from tblPosition. For fields of tblClass it always gives the message that the search item is not found (even if the value exists). What should I do to make all the fields in that query searchable by this control? Or it’s better not to use it at all and find some other tools and strategies to look for values?

    Any ideas are greatly appreciated.
    Thank you.

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    If you have a one to many relationship from tblClass to tblPosition then in the form, items from tblClass will be duplicated where as items from tblPosition are unique. If I understand whats going on, the lookup will only be able to work where items are unique.

    Can you make a form based on tblClass and a subform based on tblPosition? Then you could have a lookup combobox for both the parent items(form), and the child items(subform).
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