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    Smile Unanswered: Cognos Powerplay Transformer (Alternate Drill Down)

    I am using Powerplay Transformer version 6.61 396 - Rr99a_rbf1_2764 GA & Oracle V 8.1.6 as the back-end.
    I have a requirement to generate reports for calendar year (Jan-Dec) and fiscal year (Apr-Mar).After generating cube, Fiscal and calendar years are obtained as separate categories. However, the Year/Month/Quarter distribution shown for fiscal year is wrong.
    For e.g.
    January 2001 is Fiscal Year 2000 Q4. But it is categorized under calendar year 2001 Q1. However, January 2001 appears as 2001 Q4 (instead of 2000 Q4). The calendar year categories, however, are correct. Please suggest How I can solve this problem.
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    What version of ACCESS are you using


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