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    Arrow Unanswered: Cognos Powerplay Transformer (Time Creation)

    I am using Date Wizard to create Date Comparision (YTD/Prior YTD, QTD/Prior QTD, Current/ Previous Month) using Cognos Powerplay Transformer (version 6.61 396 - Rr99a_rbf1_2764 GA & Oracle V 8.1.6 as the back-end).
    I have a problem while YTD comparisions are created. If data is present for two quarters for current year, then Prior YTD groups data for only two quarters even though data is present for all 4 quarters for prior year.
    For e.g.
    For 2002, I have data for only 2 quarters Q1 & Q2 (Till June). For 2001 data is present for all 4 quarters. However, Prior YTD shows only 2001 Q1 & 2001 Q2. Q3 & Q4 does not appear. Manual change is required to correct the situation. How can this error be corrected without manual intervention every time a cbe is refreshed?
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    What version of ACCESS are you using


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