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    Unhappy Unanswered: Isn't it funny to lose the Admin pwd ? HELP!

    OK, now this is ridiculous...

    We developed a mdb with workgroup/User level security.
    My dear co-worker removed the Admin from the Admin group
    Now he forgot the password for the new Adminaccount.

    Is it possible to erase all passwords.
    Or is there another possibility ???

    Please Help

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    Are you using a custom work group? If so, do you have a backup copy of it that you can restore over the current? If not, are there any other users that are members of the Admins group? If so, you can sign on and erase the password you cannot recall.

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    Well, actually I have to say no to all questions.

    My boss took security over safety.
    This means :
    There are two members in the Admin group
    One of them belongs to someone who left us about 6
    (Yes isn't that funny) years ago.
    The other forgot his.
    So I can open the db but cannot convert it to 2000 and cannot add any new user.
    I want to avoid just rippin' the data and programming the modules again.
    I have the mdw file and the mdb. And a solution is hard to find, because anyone tells me: No, I won't crack that.
    But I don't want to crack it, i want to reaccess it.

    Anyone who can tell me a way to erase a password from an mdw, or list them,
    or maybe reassign users to groups, or any backdoor is welcomed.

    There are no copies or a correct handover of the creator of the group file (not the mdb). If I'ld knew the correct IDs etc, I would rebuild it, but,...

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    I have been in a similar situation.

    Have you thought about just creating a new database and importing everything even the modules. You shouldn't have to reprogram anything.

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    Well tomorrow @ work I'll try.
    But forms or modules could not be exported because the known Accounts
    do not have permission to open it in develop mode (Entwurfsansicht in german)
    I don't know what it was, but I'll check...

    Thanks in advance


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    AccessData has a password cracker (oops, "password recovery toolkit") for Microsoft Access for $99. They also have cracks for many other programs. See
    John Lambert
    Team Database
    The International Association Of Database Professionals

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