Full time SYBASE DATABASE ADMINISTRATOR POSITION available in Wilmington, Delaware

Required Qualifications:
All candidates MUST have the following skills to be considered:

A Bachelor's or Master's degree.
Very good written and oral communications skills. Documentation, e-mail, and oral communication are significant and very important parts of this job.
IN-DEPTH technical knowledge of, and several years' experience with:
Sybase Active Server Enterprise (ASE) 11.5 and 12.0.
Sybase Replication Server 11.X and/or 12.X.
Performance Tuning of ASE and Replication.
Sybase Transact SQL and query optimization.
Stored procedures, triggers.
Strong Unix background, preferably Solaris.
At a bare minimum, strong scripting and some programming skill.
Additional Information:
Sybase Certification (CSP-DBA and CSP-PTS) is a strong plus.
Experience with Microsoft SQL Server is a strong plus.
Intermediate to advanced C++, Java, perl 5 and/or C is a strong plus.
Understanding DBLib/CTLib programming is a plus.
Experience with Sybase IQ Server is a plus.
Experience with Business Intelligence/OLAP/Reporting tools is a plus.
Candidates should be aware that the group provides support on a 24-by-7 basis, and that overnight and weekend work is shared by the group. (This work will decrease significantly if we hire an overnight DBA.)
About the Database Administration Group AND position description:

The Database Administration group ensures that the database environment is operating smoothly on a 24-by-7 basis. The group supports about 30 Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise installations and about 15 Sybase Replication Server installations on Sun Solaris 2.X. Our largest data servers are high volume OLTP, supporting ~1500 simultaneous connections and serving 250GB+ of data. Hundreds of users running 3-8 applications each are the daytime users, and our compute farm performs millions of calculations and produces tens of thousands of reports on an overnight basis. We also have three Microsoft SQL Servers and one Sybase IQ Server in production, and are currently evaluating Sybase Open Switch. We monitor our servers with programs and scripts written internally. The DBA group is responsible for creation, configuration, monitoring, performance tuning and maintenance of all data servers and data replication activities. They work closely with the Unix System Administrators, who provide hardware and storage, with programming groups on database design, usage and capacity planning, and with Production Operations group. The group is currently staffed with 4 bright, motivated and experienced professionals with an aggregate of over 30 years of industry experience. The group typically provides on-site support from 7am into the evening, Monday through Friday, and provides off-site support on evenings and weekends. Occasionally, on-site weekend work is required. The group automates their responsibilities where possible, helping us to scale effectively.
Interested applicants should please contact:

Howard Goldsmith, Sr. Vice President at

Concorde Holdings
(212) 922-5700 ext. 207