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    Unanswered: AS/400 Access Client destroys SQL Server 2000 DTS

    Until this morning I had a fully functional SQL Server 2000 Enterprise manager with DTS capability. There is a requirement to have data pulled from an AS/400 machine into the SQL Server 2000 environment for reporting reasons. To do this we needed the AS/400 ODBC drivers.
    I was given a CD which matches the OS on the 400 box that being; V4R5M0, i.e. Version 4 Rev 5, (4.5).
    Well, when trying to use the DTC which up untill that moment worked perfectly I got the following message upon initiation of the Data Transformation Services Wizard;

    The title is:
    DTS Import/Export Wizard Error: CoCreateInstance
    The very helpful message is;
    Error in the DLL

    Which DLL is a mystery, and I can't get DTS to recover.

    If I go ahead I can define a connection but when I hit "next>" it just sits there. Basically it's FUBAR'd.

    I've uninstalled the lousy IBM Client that trashed DTS, and I've uninstalled, and re-installed SQL Server 2000 about 3 times now but to no avail. I still cannot initiate DTC. The other wizards and Tools Database, Management, Replication all work fine.

    Any ideas ?
    Jeremy Greaves

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    Since no one else has posted a reply yet, I suggest you cross post to in the DTS forum.

    Also not much help, but just in case it helps a little, you can find a list of DTS dll's at,6,225,0

    John Lambert
    Team Database
    The International Association Of Database Professionals

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