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    Exclamation Unanswered: VIsual Basic V.S Access

    Hello ,

    This is my confusion....

    I was asked to modify some forms done in access. It's a small colection of forms iteracting with a .mdb database.

    I was given the posibility of redoing the forms using visual basic. But first i must know if visual basic is better than access because if access is better then VB, i will just modify the implanted program instead of redoing it in VB.

    So this is the question: Should i use vb and or access ?

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    Having worked on many projects where we were required to replace one system with another, I can tell you that the number of man-hours needed to replace all the functionality of a production system is almost always grossly underestimated. Jobs that look like they should port fairly easily often have many problems once a programmer gets into it. For that reason, if the current system can be improved to handle current and near-future requirements, I recommend you stick with the current system.


    John Lambert
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